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SMPL Webinar

Agile / Scrum Fundamentals



Speaker: Artem Bykovets

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is free

Agile and Scrum are already quite popular and are widely used in various areas of business, but they are still perceived with caution and not everyone is ready to experiment. Now, we are in such conditions that we have to become adaptive and Agile / Scrum can help us to streamline the chaos that has happened in many companies / teams.

In this webinar, we will discuss what Agile and Scrum are.
Let's figure out what tasks Scrum was invented for and what it consists of, and without what it won't work.
We will get to know all the components of Scrum: roles, meetings, artifacts, values and principles.
We will show you the tools that you can start using right now and that will greatly facilitate your processes in the current realities.

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