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3 required modules program

About the program

The program is designed as a comprehensive solution for teaching the effective work of leaders within organizations. Filled with theory delivered in a fun and interactive way with lots of hands-on group exercises and simulations. We guarantee obligatory homework and an abundance of networking within our group.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

After completing the 3 required modules, the participants, if desired, have access to the 4th module on scaling approaches to multi-team work in product and service development.

Module principle

It consists of 3 modules, which, in a methodological sequence, provide a person with fundamental knowledge and experience to fully work with modern challenges in organizations.

The modules are arranged in such a sequence that each time we move from ourselves to the organization. After all, all changes begin with yourself.

1st module: Know yourself

3 full days of intensive training

The first module of the program teaches fundamental knowledge and practices for a long-term and effective leader's work. Based on our many years of experience working with organizations of both the IT sector and non-IT (examples of organizations) - we begin training by identifying the urgent problems of modern business:

  • difficulties faced by organizations (examples);

  • challenges faced by a leader in organizations (examples)

Basic knowledge and skills for working within an organization - understanding your value-motivational sphere, Self-Care techniques, facilitation skills, a comprehensive understanding of the organizational structure, culture and dynamics, the ability to work One-on-One and apply situational leadership - the foundation.
Also in the first module, we will begin to dive into the specifics of the leader's work with the team.

2nd module: Organization as a system in VUCA world

3 full days of intensive training

The second module of the program continues to dive into the world of organizations in such a difficult and confusing time. The main focus is on product understanding, Agile thinking, umbrella frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Lean) and systems thinking. Structurally, this is complemented by in-depth programs for the interaction of the leader at different levels of the organization. As a bonus, you will learn how to form a new team using scientific approaches and start teamwork from scratch. Together, we will explore positive leadership patterns and delve deeper into anti-patterns.
And the experience and practice that you received in the first training module will help us in this!

3rd module: Advanced leadership

3 full days of intensive training

The third module is filled with practices for the modern Advanced level leader. They are interesting and challenging. But those who successfully completed the first and second modules and reached the third are ready for them. Advanced facilitation and coaching, a lot of practical psychology, modern management tricks and a bonus part - Transactional analysis in the organization. You can't miss this!

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