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Introduction to OKR


from 10:00 to 18:00
Everything that you hear, you can apply in your work right after the workshop!
This is an introductory OKR training.
OKR is an evolutionary method of modern management for working with goal-setting, which allows you to coordinate strategic and tactical goals in a company, teams and ensure tracking of their implementation.


3000 UAH

About training

In this workshop, we will reveal fundamental understandings of OKRs:

  • History of OKR: Why Google and Other Giants Use This Method

  • What is an Objective and how to write a goal correctly

  • Key results: how to properly prioritize key results that will help achieve the goal and measure key results

  • Basic OKR principles

  • Compare OKRs and other goal setting tools.

  • Team strategy and vision with OKRs

  • Motivation, transparency and finance with OKRs

  • The practical aspect would be:

    • Setting goals for business

    • Building Key Results

    • OKR patterns and anti-patterns

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