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Leadership Toolbox


Everything that you hear, you can apply in your work right after the workshop!

Coach: Artem Bykovets

This training consists of a number of tools and techniques that are essential for leadership.

About training

We will look at a set of tools for building more effective team work and team interaction:

  • in work

  • at rallies

  • Everyday life

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

We will talk about:

  • the importance of creating a psychological safety environment,

  • a culture of correct feedback (both giving and receiving feedback),

  • about styles and techniques of facilitating work meetings,

  • the architecture of effective retrospectives and different formats of their holding,

  • constant monitoring of the health of processes and teams, good practices of 1-1 meetings,

  • as well as the basics of team coaching for self-organization and maturity growth on the example of the GROW coach framework

The cost

Leadership Toolbox

350 USD *

* calculation in hryvnia at the exchange rate on the day of payment

Exciting Journey + Leadership Toolbox

550 USD *

* calculation in hryvnia at the exchange rate on the day of payment


The training will be useful for:

Business owners & executives

Find out how to apply Agile to your company

Managers & leaders

How to work with different tools in Agile and Scrum. How to teach them to your teams.

Proactive team members

If you want to start transformations in your team.

Everyone who looks for insight

Who wants to learn something new and interesting

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