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At this meeting, we will talk a little about the organic and systemic scaling of a Scrum framework for multi-team work without adding unnecessary coordination roles, meetings and other things using the example of LeSS (Large Enterprise Scaled Scrum).

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750 UAH

Relevance of the topic:

The Agile Manifesto was written and published in 2001 ... The Scrum framework was presented even earlier in 1995. But for many teams it is still difficult to fully adapt their work for an iterative-incremental release of a product using Scrum, let alone release a common product in many concurrently working teams :) All kinds of Scaled Scrum variations can be found “in the field”.


Multi-team product development using LeSS




A minimum of theory (up to 30 minutes) and then practice (2 + - hours)!

  • We will start with the formation of cross-functional Feature Teams and parsing the product vision together with the Product Owner, create a general Definition of Done, launch the work of teams and, in several full-fledged Sprints (do not forget that LeSS is Scrum), through Inspect & Adapt we will create an MVP of the finished product!

  • What are we going to create? Applying Agile approaches we will create a book about Agile :) We are going to create a book (or rather a brochure) of Agile knowledge using one of the scalable agile approaches, in which several (3-8) teams work simultaneously.

  • We will all be working towards the same product vision to deliver an integrated Product Increment each iteration based on a shared product backlog.


Artem Bykovets

CEO, Agile Coach and Organizational Consultant at Simplesense.

Works with such companies: Intertop (UA and KZ), MsDonalds Ukraine, OWOX, Skylum, StarLight Media, Rozetka and other.

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