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Angel Diaz-Maroto

Trainers: Angel Diaz-Maroto & Artem Bykovets

Certified ScrumMaster


3–4 March


10:00 – 18:30
The CSM course is a 2 day class (15 hours) for aspiring ScrumMasters, delivery team members, managers, project managers, and organizational team leaders seeking a deep understanding of the principles and practices of Scrum. For those who are currently implementing, cooperating with or planning to use Scrum in their organization. And in general for everyone interested on understanding the power of the Scrum Framework

Early Bird

till 20 january

800 usd

Standard Price

from 21 january

900 usd

Special offer

For Simplicity Day: Agile Magic attendees:
100 usd discount

For groups 3+ ppl:
contact for more information

Pack of 2: CSM class + CAL1 class

150 usd discount

Just contact us for details:
+38 063 495 36 22

You can pay by card, bank transfer.

We can sign an agreement from a legal entity.

Сalculated in local currency (uah)  at the exchange rate on the payment date.

What to expect from this training:

In this training we use accelerated learning and Training from the Back of the Room techniques combined with lots of real life examples form own experience of coaching Agile teams and transforming organizations.

Attending this CSM - Certified Scrum Master course is a unique opportunity to go beyond theory and get engaged with the hands-on experience and real life stories of a Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Agile Leadership Educator.

The content of this training is updated to the new 2017 official Learning Objectives from the Scrum Alliance. 

The following topics are covered:

  • Understanding Lean, Agile, and Scrum

  • Agile Facilitation fundamentals

  • Agile Coaching competences 

  • Scrum master Service to the Development Team 

  • Scrum master Service to the Product Owner 

  • Scrum master Service to the Organization 

At the end of the training:

you will understand the purpose, theory and practice of the Scrum framework, it’s mindset and the underlying culture. Additionally, you will fully understand your role as Scrum Master, and will be ready to apply Scrum in your organization. 


Upon completion of the class, students will be eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster exam and become Certified ScrumMasters (CSM). 


1 day

  • What's Agile and why it fits best in today’s industry 

  • Managing Risk with Iterative and incremental Product Building

  • Scrum Overview

  • Experience Scrum Culture & Values

  • Understand Scrum Roles

    • The Product owner

    • The Development Team & self organization

    • The Scrum Master

  • Splitting customer requirements to distribute complexity 

  • Understand Scrum Meetings

    • How to facilitate successful Sprint planning

    • How to get the most from Sprint reviews

    • How to foster continuous improvement with Retrospectives

2 day

  • Unleashing the value of a daily Scrum

  • Understanding and practicing the Scrum Master competencies 

    • Coaching high performance teams.

    • Facilitating successful meetings

    • Mentoring Scrum teams

    • Training Agile practitioners 

    • Supporting Dev. Teams, Product Owners and organizations

  • How to be a great Scrum Master

  • Implementing Scrum in your organization


Angel Diaz-Maroto


Angel is a very energetic, proficient and forward-thinking Coach who specialises on coaching organisations throughout their Agile journeys. His pragmatism and experience in Organisational Coaching and Business Agility are the driving forces behind his perceptive methods of action. As an insightful coach, trainer, and mentor, he’s helped to constructively and successfully improve quality standards, product/service delivery, continuous improvement and innovation capabilities in a diverse set of companies, from small startups to fortune 500 multinational organisations.

He holds the three highest level certifications in the field from the Scrum Alliance: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and CAL Educator (Certified Agile Leadership Educator). Additionally, Angel is a certified co-active coach (CPCC), specialist in team coaching and systemic leadership, Management 3.0 facilitator, Licensed NLP Practitioner and DiSC Certified Behaviour and Motivation Analyst.

In addition to his work as an Agile Coach, Angel teaches video game production at ESNE (University of Design, Innovation and technology [Madrid]) and Design Thinking at LaSalle University [Barcelona]. He also has participated as a speaker in more than 50 international conferences and Agile events in Europe, Asia and the Americas, being a significant contributor to the international Agile community since 2009.

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  • LinkedIn - черный круг
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Artem Bykovets



Artem Bykovets -  CEO / Organizational & Agile Coach at SimpleSense.

 • * CSM, CSPO, CSP, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CAL-I by ScrumAlliance

 • * CLP by

 • * PSM I by

 • * Certified KMP I by LeanKanbanUniversity

 • * Best Quality Assurance specialist of Ukraine 2015 by IT Awards. 

 • * Guest Lecturer at KMBS MBA programs 

 • * Active speaker on several conferences

 • * Agile Coach & Org Consultant (including but not limited to: Competera, McDonald's Ukraine, Kuehne-Nagel, Intertop Ukraine, Rozetka, Levi9, Owox, StarlightMedia Production, Skylum)

  • LinkedIn - черный круг
  • Facebook - черный круг
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